The Age of the DigitalBar Wall Rack

Bar wall racks are nothing new to the beverage industry, most commonly the alcoholic beverage industry. They come in millions of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Some even have their own lighting system to appeal to the consumer. Many home owners place them in social areas of their house. The basic functionality of a standard bar wall rack is to provide stable support for liqueur, liquor, spirit and wine bottles. In a professional environment, bar wall racks also need to look somewhat pleasing to the eye in a way that also lets the consumer clearly see the bottles as well as the practical element of access of any bottle for staff.

Popular high end and/or high demand liquors are placed front and center is most bars, hotels and nightclubs and for good reason. Management knows these will sell fast each night so they focus on their precise location. The design labels on the bottles are often used as part of the layout which works out well for all given the amount of money and research that goes into labels and logos. So, the more iconic, recognizable and well-marketed bottles do not need a big pomp and circumstance of a bar wall rack.

Enter Provargo

Provargo is a bar management system company based in Denmark. They have developed an ingenuis piece of technology that not only boosts a business’s sales and customer experience, but have managed to do so without putting behind the bar beauty at risk. This piece of technology, dubbed the “DigiPour Wall Rack” is a modern-day bar wall rack not only because of its digital measuring system but by its ability to send data wirelessly.

These beautifully lit, gold plated units provide complete control behind the bar, without you even having to be behind the bar. Using Provargo’s computer based interface, ProCloud, the DigiPour Wall Rack sends data per use to a transceiver. This transceiver then transmits this data to ProCloud. Data send includes details such as every pour made, every bottle change, even the pour measurement between bottle changes.

With the combination of the DigiPour Wall Rack and the ProCloud, no drop of alcohol goes unnoticed. Bar managers have a much greater handle on how much is and can be poured, where and by whom. This bar wall rack is a time-saver in that it is automatically counting providing stock and inventory control.

With every digital solution there is an app and Provargo know this so they have also developed the ProCloud App for smartphones and tablets. The app can give real-time notifications to users on the go any time and anywhere. Notifications such as low-stock alerts and shrinkage-risks on specific products.

Provargo also offer the option of connecting your point-of-sales (POS) system to theirs giving you even more control on products and sales.

You can see more about Provargo and the bar wall rack, DigiPour and find out how experience has proven this technology has increased the bottom line for businesses around the globe.

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