Cleaning Your Inflatable Hot Tub

Intex jet and bubblePerhaps one of the most annoying thing when it comes to owning a hot tub is the maintenance and cleaning.
You’ll have to go down on your knees and dip your elbows to scrub really hard to get rid of the dirt and grime that have settled into your hot tub, its a once in a lifetime thing.

Not only is this very tiring and time consuming but can also lead the accidents not only to you but also to your family and friends, especially the children.
While you can hire someone to clean for you, this can also be quite expensive as these cleaning services, some even charging you more even if you only requested for a one time deal.
(But don’t worry, there are still cleaning companies that offer very reasonable prices when it comes to cleaning your hot tubs.)

Cleaning an inflatable hot tub is so easy that anyone can do it, even your own children can do it!
Cleaning your inflatable hot tub will help prolong its life especially if you will be using it often, yet, how does one go about in cleaning their inflatable hot tubs?
Below are the steps one has to follow in cleaning their inflatable hot tubs:

Drain your hot tub: first and foremost, one has to completely drain their inflatable hot tub of water. Now, you don’t have to grab a bucket to scoop out all of the water, in fact, all you need to do is open the drain found in the sides or even bottom of the inflatable hot tub and let the water drain. Be careful in draining the water in your inflatable hot tub so that you won’t lose its parts. (don’t worry if you lose one, you can still buy a replacement like intex purespa jet and bubble available in both physical and online stores.)

Wash your Hot Tub: You might want to rethink your if you think that only water goes in an inflatable hot tub. Just like swimming pools and built in hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs are also treated with chemicals to help prevent the growth of algae thus keeping your water clean. This also helps make your water safer on your skin. Now, for most people, they’ll usually add in some soap and hose it off with water afterwards. To finish it off, simply wipe off your inflatable hot tub with a microfiber cloth (any cloth will do too) or let it sit under the sun for a few minutes, afterwards, you can then deflate your inflatable hot tub and store it for your next use or set it up again in preparation for your next party during the weekend or for some much needed time for yourself after work.

Having an inflatable hot tub is a fun addition to any home or individual as it provides you the same level of comfort and luxury just like any built in hot tubs, spas, or even pools. The fact that it’s portable just adds more flair into it because it allows you to bring it with you anywhere and even let you save money.

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