Clear acne on the back with a simple coffee grounds

Back bumps cause women to have headaches. Especially the summer with the dress or the two-string skirt will reveal ugly skin. However, only with coffee powder, women will have two methods of effective and safe acne backs. Do not rush to throw the coffee grounds into the trash, but use it to clean your back.
Apply today to be confident with slim shoulders, slim back skin on the street. Definitely, with these two great dimensions, you will not spend money on expensive acne creams or cosmetics that are still owned by beautiful smooth skin.

1. Coffee grounds combine yellow sugar
Yellow sugar is a beauty ingredient must not be strange to women. However, with the combination of coffee grounds to treat acne in the back, not all sisters know.
Ingredients to create a mixture of back acne include: yellow sugar, pure coffee grounds, fresh lemon juice. It is very simple, warm coffee grounds and then mixed with yellow sugar and lemon juice into a mixture. Apply the mixture on the back and massage gently about 10 minutes. This mixture will eventually dry your dead skin or acne in your face and that later on will be changed into new born skin leaving it Naturally Pretty.

Continue to mix on the back for about 5 minutes and then rinse with water. Coffee grounds and yellow sugar will push the pimples deep under the skin while regenerating, bringing to the skin the smooth beauty that eliminates the roughness and roughness of the skin and will leave a smooth and nourished skin that will help you in looking naturally beautiful. This will also help you in looking young having a white and fair skin by taking off the acne scars that will change the dead skin into new and young nourished skin. Exercise regularly every day until the bumps disappear. Should apply in the evening before going to bed will bring the best effect. Simple and free of charge, coffee grounds when combined with yellow sugar will help her own skin charming, youthful and beautiful back.

2. Coffee grounds combined with sea salt
For effective back acne treatment, you can combine coffee grounds with sea salt. This is a safe and inexpensive way to treat back acne like expensive cosmetics.
Choose a large salt water then dilute the salt in the bath and soak for about 30 minutes. Next, mix the coffee grounds with salt and water to a paste. Apply the mixture to the back skin and incubate for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Made in the morning you not only cleanse the back acne effectively, but also own skin bright, natural beauty. This combination of coffee and sea salt will help your skin from developing an acne scars, this mixture can turn your skin into a new one leaving it healthy and smooth.

White salt when combined with coffee grounds is also a medicinal herbs that help not only her acne but also natural skin care healthy. Apply today to have beautiful skin and confidently welcoming sunshine with two strings in the morning light poetry nher her.

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