Introducing the sensual art of pole dancing

Stripper Alsace the elite of the current Chippendales welcomes you. The team stripper Alsace is a professional Chippendales troupe specializing in striptease sexy concepts for the delight of ladies. Offer a show from a superb Alsace stripper that you are a night professional or a private and subjugate your guests, your loved ones, your clientele. A range of themed shows await you: Alsace stripteaseer at home, Chippendales show with the prestigious magazine of the Passion Mens stripe excellence in the East of France région Alsace, Lorraine and Franche-Comté. Other animations like show gogo and performers will also be proposed!

A stripper Alsace will mark the event

For the bachelor party of your best friend, for the birthday of a loved one or for a girls evening, you want to mark the event! Why not call on a service of sexy dancers. If you are in the Alsace region, you can easily find our Alsace strip club.

Sexy show with a striptease Alsace

Our dreamlike chippendales will offer you a quality home dance performance that you will hardly forget. For the pleasure of the eyes, these young males as sexy as each other will make you live an exceptional moment. They will offer you various customized scenarios. For this, you will have to choose between different themes: pizza delivery, fireman, sailor, Santa Claus, Zorro, gladiator, policeman, worker at home or others. Our artists are selected with great care to guarantee professional quality services, without vulgarity. Stripteaseur Alsace is without a doubt the one that can meet your expectations in terms of show striptease.

My strip show in Alsace

You want a solo artist at home, no problem. For those who are looking for top model who can swing on their living room, they will find their happiness at stripteaseur Alsace. Our catalog is rich in strippers with Apollo’s physics with an extraordinary charisma. Simply select the one you want, the person who best meets your tastes and requirements. These talented strippers with developed muscles will not cease to amaze you. The show promises to be spectacular, original, chic and sensual.

Stripteaseur Alsace: the unmissable address

Please note that our service can be adapted to your needs. We do not only work at home, but also at the place you want: in a restaurant, in a club, in a party room or in an office and even in a limousine. Our services are top of the range, no matter where they take place. The shows and the choreographies are renewed regularly to satisfy everyone. To spice up all kinds of parties, Alsace striptease is the reference.
An Alsace stripper for all tastes
With Alsace stripper , choose your man in our regularly updated catalog, location and schedule of shows with ease. Thanks to us, surprise and enjoy at the same time is possible.

Pole Dance Mulhouse is the reference of the pole dance at home in Mulhouse and in the Alsace region . Pole dance Mulhouse was created with the aim of initiating and making you discover the Pole Dance. Pole Dance Mulhouse is specialized in the animation of the Pole Dance sexy to domcicile. Pole Dance Mulhouse proposes the intervention of a qualified teacher to train you and entertain you. Pole Dance Mulhouse will introduce you to this sensual art, a mix of dance and acrobatics on a vertical bar that was practiced until then in nightclubs, and has become a real phenomenon of “dance-fitness” on the other side of the Atlantic, Without any age limit, check this out.

Pole Dance Mulhouse adapts to your request and your budget.

For us the Pole dance is a veritable Passion. We adapt to your request to allow us to share it with you. With Pole dance Mulhouse you have the choice between several formulas and concepts of Pole dance, a pole dance court in Mulhouse for beginners to introduce you, a pole dance court for confirmed dancer to make you progress, a pole dance court Sexy at home to entertain you and have fun on the occasion of a bachelor party . With Pole dance Mulhouse you have the choice of the performance.

Pole Dance Mulhouse – a sexy animation at home!

Discover our experienced dancers and teachers of Pole Dance in Mulhouse . Pole Dance Mulhouse recruits only dancers and teachers experienced in the art of pole dance. Our dancers have a diploma of teacher of Pole Dance and can therefore exercise this profession and to transmit you this passion. Whether it’s a girls night, a bachelor party, a sexstoys reunion, our sexy Pole Dance dancers will make you have a good time.

Want to make fun or have fun? Are you looking for an original animation to offer to entertain a birthday party, a sexy pole dance or striptease party for a bachelor party? Pole Dance Mulhouse will advise you to organize and succeed in blow on your animation! Pole dance Mulhouse will offer you several Pole Dance or scrolling formulas adapted to each and every level. We offer the services of teachers and dancers specialized in the training and the animation of courses of Pole dance at home. We travel all over Alsace. To be sure that the Pole Dance Animation can be done and properly performed in your home, our teachers and dancers of Pole dance will contact you directly to settle with you the details of the organization.

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